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Ontario PNP Draw 2023 for Master Graduate Stream

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the latest Ontario PNP (OINP) draw on January 25, 2023, for Masters Graduate Stream. This is the first Ontario PNP draw 2023 for the Master Graduate Stream.

The minimum cut-off score of this OINP draw is 44 or above. The candidates who meet this score received an invitation on January 25, 2023.

A total of 692 invitations were sent to eligible candidates to apply for permanent residency under Masters Graduate Stream.

Date Ontario PNP Latest Draw Invitations Stream
January 25, 2023 692Master Degree Stream
Ontario PNP Draw 2023

Requirements for Masters Graduate Stream

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill to apply for the Ontario PNP under this stream.

  • Applicants must complete the Masters’s degree in Ontario universities. The degree length must be one year or more than one year.
  • The CLB score must be 7 or higher.
  • Applicants must be live in Ontario for at least one year in the past two years.
  • Applicants must have settlement funds to support themselves. It includes the job offer in Ontario, annual earnings from earnings, and bank balance statements.
  • Applicants must intend to live in Ontario
  • Applicants must be live in Ontario at the time of Application
  • Applicants must have legal status in Canada
  • Applicants must submit the PNP application within two years of completing their master’s degree.

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Calculate the Points for Ontario PNP under Masters Graduate Stream

Valid Status in CanadaPoints
Work permit or study permit10
No valid status in Canada0
Ontario PNP points calculator

Earning History Points

Earning History in Ontario Points
$40K or more earnings in a year3
Less than $40K earnings in a year0
Ontario PNP Points Calculator
Ontario PNP draw

Education Points

Education StreamPoints
Business and administration, social, legal, education, behavioral science, personal, security and transport services, social work, and related programs6
STEM/Health (Engineering, Health, Math, Computer Science) and Trades (agriculture and natural resources operations and management, mechanics and repair, architecture, construction, and precision production)12
Arts and humanities, BHASE programs, n.e.c0
Ontario PNP Points Calculator

Canadian education experience

Canadian education experiencePoints
More than one Canadian credential10
One Canadian credential0
Ontario PNP Points Calculator

Language Proficiency

Language ProficiencyPoints
CLB 910
CLB 86
CLB 74
CLB 6 or lower0
Ontario PNP Points Calculator

Regionalization: Area of Study

Area of StudyPoints
Northern Ontario10
Other areas outside GTA (except Northern Ontario)8
Inside GTA (except Toronto)3
Ontario PNP Points Calculator

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