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How to Apply for Indian PCC through BLS Canada 2023

A police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is required by Canadian immigration for immigrants who come to Canada on temporary visas, permanent residency, or Canadian Citizenship. Basically, PCC is accepted by Canadian immigrants from temporary visa holders who want to apply their permanent residency or Canadian citizenship in Canada.

Today, we discuss how to apply for Indian PCC in different ways in Canada.

Important Attributes of PCC

Usually, PCC is required for a person who is 18 years or older. PCC helps the immigration officer to know about your background. PCC is a simple statement that you get from the police station.

Generally, PCC states that “Are there any criminal charges against you or not”? If there is a crime against you then you will not get permanent residency in Canada.

PCC is valid for 6 months. If you reside in Canada and get the PCC from India. It is valid until you will leave Canada. If you go to your home country and then come back to Canada you need a new PCC for immigration purposes.

How to Apply for Indian PCC through BLS Canada

Here, you find the ways that help you in applying for the PCC from Canada. You can apply for the PCC in different ways such as:

  • At your local district police station
  • Passport office
  • Indian Embassy or consulate
  • BLS International Centre

1. At your local district police station

You can get the Indian PCC from your local district police station for Canada immigration purposes. It is valid for your permanent residency or Canadian Citizenship applications. You can apply for this PCC from Canada through your parents or relatives.

The processing time of PCC through the local district police station is about a month. You can get the PCC within a month.

2. Passport Office

You can apply for the PCC from the passport office. There is an online form that needs to submit to apply for Indian PCC from Canada.

Moreover, you can apply for the PCC online on the Indian government site. Then you find the option “Apply for Police Clearance Certificate”. Fill out the form and submitted it.

After that, you have the pay the fees and schedule the appointment in person. Then you need to go in the passport Seva Kendra with your original documents.

If you live in Canada right now, then this option is not suitable for you.

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3. BLS International Center

You can apply for the PCC through the BLS International center. Through the BLS center, you can apply for the PCC from Canada. You can visit the BLS Canada site online.

Furthermore, the PCC through BLS Canada issued by the High Commission of India that verifying the applicant has never been caught in any criminal activity or charges.

Documents required for Indian PCC through BLS Canada

For Indian Passport Holders

  • Online application form
  • Indian Passport (Original and copy)
  • Proof of address in Canada ( Driving license, Photo ID, and recent utility bill)
  • Status in Canada (PR, work permit, study permit)
  • Passport size photo (51mm * 51mm). The background should be white

For Foreign Nationals (Previously Indian Citizens)

  • Application form
  • Proof of Address (driving license, utility bill, and Photo ID)
  • Status in Canada (PR, work permit, or study permit)
  • Passport size photo (51mm * 51mm)
  • Current Foreign Passport (original and copy)
  • Canceled old Indian Passport
  • Certificate of Foreign Citizenship

Application Fees of Indian PCC through BLS Canada

ParticularsBLS Fees
PCC (Indian Passport Holder)CAD $41.40
PCC (Canadian/foreign Passport Holder)CAD $41.40
Application fees of BLS PCC

Processing Time

The estimated processing time is around 8 weeks. PCC requires the reference to authorities in India to issue the PCC. Applications sent by post. It also takes an additional 3 to 4 days working days for processing.

The PCC through BLS Canada is a good option for you if you currently residing in Canada.

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